American Kidz Academy - Elite Urban Education®

American Kidz Academy
Hyde Park -
6 weeks to 6 years

American Kidz Academy
Elite Urban Education®
Best preschool program

American Kidz Academy
West Loop - Now Enrolling
Great preschool program !!!

American Kidz Academy
Gold Coast-Summer 2013

American Kidz Academy all organic with Whole Foods.

American Kidz Academy®
Raise your child in the city

American Kidz Academy®
Elite Urban Education®

The American Kidz Academy® staff is unique.

  • Offers daily information sheets on how the child performed that day.
  • Bi-annual conferences held.
  • Have extensive child development education and training.
  • Are First Aid certified as well as Adult and Infant CPR trained.
  • Are devoted to forming strong bonds with the children and parents.
  • Strongly encourage and support the children's self-control and independence.
  • Include the parent's in the child’s learning.

The American Kidz Academy® Centers are top of the line.
  • Brand new, modern, and environmental-friendly Centers.
  •  Highly secure and safe.
  • Warm and welcoming.
  • Open year-round and only closed on major holidays.
  • Offers exclusively Whole Foods Organic food.

Both full-time and part-time programs are available.
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American Kidz Academy®

American Kidz Academy® is the expert in elite urban child care.

We offer the best solution for families living in highly dense and sophisticated urban areas.
Our boutique designed schools combined with our Elite Urban Education
® program will give your child a unique and rewarding learning experience. Our child care facilties and program are designed to exceed the highest standards set in the childcare industry.

By conducting business throughout the United States and Europe, we have created premier Childcare Centers for parents and select employers.

Our story:

In today's world many parents decide to live and raise their children in large cities. American Kidz Academy
®understands that and has created an unparalleled solution for parents and children. We have identified all of the hidden treasures that cities have to offer and have made them available through our Centers to your kids. Through us your children can get the most each city has to offer: parks, playgrounds, zoos, lakes, museums, etc., and can recieve a high-quality education at the same time.

Our Elite Urban Education
® program opens the young minds of the children to learning and exploring. A.K.A. children develop the practical skills they need for academic excellence and success, as well encouragement and support for development of self-control and independence. A happy and successful child is the main priority that guides all of A.K.A.'s actions and activities.
Our Elite Urban Education
® consists of Science, Math, Geography, Literacy, and Foreign Language. Physical development, such as Yoga, is also a part of the curriculum, as well as Social and Emotional Development activities.

At American Kidz Academy® parents will find:            
  • Brand new and specialized classrooms. Each class room has been carefully designed to meet the needs of your child's developmental stage as well as age.
  • State-of-the-art materials.
  • Daily schedules consisting of the Elite Urban Education® program as well as opportunities to explore the city and participate in group activities.

  • Daily information sheets on how the child performed that day.

  • Bi-annual conferences.

  • A strong community where parents are involved each step of the way in their child’s learning.