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American Kidz Academy
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American Kidz Academy®
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American Kidz Academy®
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For Parents - Safety and Security


Safety Measures
Safety is of uppermost importance at American Kidz Academy®. Our locations adhere to the highest possible standards of safety, from our classrooms to our playgrounds.

Our staff...

  • Our teachers are First Aid certified as well as Adult and Infant CPR trained.
  • Our teachers are diligently trained on our child drop-off and pick-up procedures to ensure that no child is unaccounted for or overlooked.
  • Our staff uses the National SIDS Campaign “Back To Sleep” as a preventative measure for SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Our school administrators continuously update files on authorized contacts in cases of illness or unforeseen emergencies.
  • Our method of maintaining health records, immunization records, and emergency contacts ensures they are kept up to date and confidential.

In our classrooms...
AKA goes the extra mile to design classrooms to maximize safety and supervision:

  • Our cribs are built for maximum viewing on all sides and do not contain any materials hazardous to a child’s sleeping habits.
  • Our doors are padded at the hinges so little fingers don’t get pinched when doors are opened and closed between classrooms.
  • Our lobby entrance is secure with security cameras as well as door handles that require codes.
  • Our food preparation and storage is monitored to ensure safe, nutritious meals along with sanitary food preparation surfaces. Our cook is trained in food service and sanitation.
  • We provide safety drill training every 30 days for tornado and fire emergencies.

Security Measures: What You Want to Know.
Security is an important issue for all parents. As American Kidz Academy® continues to keep your child safe and secure, here are some behind-the-scenes aspects you’ll want to know about.

Electronic Security
Our facilities include secured coded entries, so that only staff and families with the code can access the entrance. In addition to that, all doors are kept not only shut at all times but are also locked from the outside. This means unauthorized visitors are never a risk to your child’s safety.

Tempered Glass
Glass sections inside of our facilities may make it easy for you to see your child, but they also double as a safety measure. Any activity performed in an A.K.A. classroom is easily visible through these glass walls, ensuring the utmost safety and security of children. Your child can also observe the teacher and activities  happening in the surrounding rooms, which in the long-run can make his or her transition into a more advanced room smoother.

Hiring Process
Teachers are given extensive state-mandated background checks as well as federal screening. Only the best of the best become part of the 
American Kidz Academy® team.

Front Desk
Our Front Desk is always staffed, so an unathorized entry is never an issue. 

Security Cameras
Every classroom has security cameras for front desk monitoring. The management can easily observe classroom activities throughout the day.