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American Kidz Academy
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Chicago Infant Daycare

Exploring the World as an Chicago Infant

The first year of your infant's life is very exciting, and busy!  Their physical, social and emotional development is astounding!  American KidZ Academy® is excited to partner with you in creating an optimal environment for them to grow and learn.  Every infant has its own  disposition, and each one develops on a continuum.  Our highly specialized elite curriculum is individualized for each of our Infants.  Our teachers are highly trained and educated, to help your little treasure grow and develop .

Chicago INFANT Elite Urban Education® Curriculum:

Discovery Time:
Social & Emotional Development

At AKA, our teachers take great pride in planning activities to bond with your baby, help build self-awareness, as well as building interest in others.  AKA Infants in Chicago  receive special attention like cuddling, rocking, and rolling on the floor with the teachers. These unique experiences build a sense of  belonging and comfort. At American Kidz Academy® your littler learner engages with others  as well as independently explores their environment. At AKA, your child will make their first best friend!

Learning Time:
Cognitive & Language Development 

 Our Elite Urban Education® Curriculum inspires infant learning every day. Learning time helps to nurture cognitive and language development.   Learning happens by listening to stories, poems and music.  Responses such as cooing, babbling and facial gestures build the early communication skills necessary for future verbal communication and literacy. Our infants in Chicago begin to develop and understand cause and effect, judgment and perception.  Individual attention is paid to AKA infants so they can have the best start possible!

Exploration Time:
Motor & Creativity Development

This is the exciting time during your child’s day when they are offered plenty of ways to develop motor skills. Teachers help your infant to improve their mobility and allow them to explore their surrounds. 
Early Infant motor skills include rolling over, sitting-up, reaching, and much more. Your little bundle will be crawling and walking before you know it! In addition to exploring through movement, AKA teachers offer unique experiences for infants to experiment through their five senses. Using paints, crayons and various sensory and tactile materials allows your infant to express their individual personality.