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American Kidz Academy
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American Kidz Academy®
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American Kidz Academy®
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Chicago Kindergarten ( K) Schools

Exploring the World as a Chicago Kindergartener

• Private Kindergarten • Full Day Classes • Small Teacher Ratio

• Advanced Math & Science Instruction • Computer Training
• Accelerated Academics • Phonics Based Reading • Spanish, Music & Yoga
• Technology Time • Science • Physical Development • Team Building
• Fine Arts • Math • Language • Biological Physical Sciences
• Group Time • Writing • Social Skills Development
• Fun Art Projects • Community Field Trips
• Elite Urban Education® Curriculum

AKA offers your Chicago Kindergartener a learning environment in which he/she can gain the essential skills to be successful once they move onto school. At American KidZ Academy® children are presented with appropriate yet challenging educational materials. Educated teachers and specialized AKA Elite Curriculum help prekindergarten children flourish academically and socially. We exceed all the Illinois Early Learning Standards set forth by the IL Department of Education. These essential standards are why AKA is the leader in the field of Early Education.  Prekindergartener leave AKA prepared for their future and the world around them.  American KidZ Academy® opens doors towards a bright future! 

Chicago KINDERGARTEN ( K) Elite Urban Education®


Assembly Time:
Community awareness, Self-help skills, Social and Emotional Development

Your child’s daily Assembly, or group time, offers rich experiences with the purpose of building their educational foundation and sharpening their social skills. Assembly is the time when teachers help prepare children for a group kindergarten school setting. AKA Kindergarteners are active members of their classrooms, encouraged to voice their thoughts and ideas. They learn the essential skills to Cooperate, negotiate, and problem solve with peers. They are encouraged to make personal choices during their day.  Participation in group Assembly prepares your child for their elementary school years as well as build a strong foundation for future learning! 

Learning Time:
Math, Science, Literacy

Learning Time at AKA, is the time when educational activities are presented in a manner that will excite and engage your child.  Children seek out learning because it is offered and presented in a manner children relate to and understand. Tangible hands-on materials build a concrete understanding of all educational concepts. Math concepts include such ideas as logical thinking, patterns and numbers.  Our comprehensive literacy program includes reading, writing and telling stories.  Science is included in all aspects of the day and includes concepts like making observations and predictions.  During learning time children are allowed to work individually, in small group, or large group. Chicago Children are free to choose their work but encouraged and challenged by the teachers based on their individual skills. Your child will amaze you with their knowledge of math, science, literacy and more.  AKA prekindergartener's leave prepared for school with a strong educational foundation.

Motor Time:
Movement and physical well-being

Learning to lead a healthy life-style is a key component to the Elite curriculum.  At AKA we take an active approach to help kidergartener's build motor skills, as well as learning concepts about their body and physical well-being. Writing is an essential fine motor skill. By now your prekindergarten child has fine-tuning their writing skills. Writing samples are abundant in the prekindergarten classroom!  Using the Elite Curriculum, teachers plan opportunities to engage prekindergarten children in gross motor activities every day. Running, riding bikes, balancing, jumping and even Yoga are among the activities encouraged during gross motor time. Our large indoor play space makes this possible year-round, and our proximity to neighborhood parks and Lincoln Park Zoo encourages children to spend time outdoors, exploring the wonders of the city!

Creative Expression Time:
Music, Art, Sensory

Self expression through art, music and sensory exploration help reinforce a sense of accomplishment for chicago kindergarten children. The AKA environment is full of choices and numerous experiences that will allow children feel proud of themselves and what they have created! The ability to create a masterpiece is offered in all AKA kindergarten classroom environments.  Their unique personalities shine because they learn basic principles of various types of artistic expression!  Introduction and encouragement of drama is also introduced using the Elite Curriculum. The world is their stage!

Parent Connections:
Building strong families

Creating a community and building strong relationships with and among families is extremely important at American KidZ Academy®. Our AKA Elite Curriculum is designed to support this important partnership. Each week chicago kindergarten teachers plan opportunities to link your child’s learning at school to their experiences and learning at home.