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Chicago Toddler Programs

Exploring the World as a Chicago Toddler

What wonderful accomplishments your little one has made in the first year of his/her life! We are proud to become a part of such a special time in every child’s development. At this stage, your toddler is absorbing every bit of their environment. AKA fosters that natural curiosity by  helping them maximize the potential of everyday occurrences and by creating learning experiences.  Our Chicago toddler elite curriculum is developed especially for these young academics. We offer small group sizes and a busy, yet structured routine. The possibilities are endless for AKA toddlers.


Chicago TODDLER  Elite Urban Education® Curriculum:

Assembly Time:
Community awareness, Self-help skills, Social and Emotional Development

Daily Assembly, or group time, offers children rich experiences with the purpose of building their educational foundation as well as sharpening their social skills.  Participation in group Assembly develops literacy and language skills, introduce math concepts, expand social and emotional development, and much much more! Assembly is a special time when teachers help children learn manners and patience. This is a fun and engaging time during which children  learn the importance of being part of a group.  AKA Assembly helps your child navigate their community and world as socially responsible individuals.

Learning Time:

Math, Science, Literacy

Chicago Toddlers are naturally inquisitive. Learning Time at AKA, is the time when educational activities are presented in a manner that excite and engage your child. Your child do not feel pressured to learn, on the contrary, they seek out learning because it is offered and presented in a manner children relate to and understand. Your child will amaze you with their knowledge of math, science, literacy and more.

Motor Time:

Movement and physical well-being

Helping your toddler lead a healthy life-style is a key component to the Elite curriculum.  At AKA we take an active approach to help toddlers develop their fine and gross motor skills. Activities to strength fine motor skills are essential to early writing. Our classrooms are overflowing with opportunities to practice fine motor skills. We know how busy your toddler is!  Using the Elite Toddler Curriculum, teachers plan opportunities to engage toddlers in gross motor activities everyday. Running, riding bikes, balancing, jumping and even Yoga are among the activities encouraged during gross motor time. Our large indoor play space makes this possible year-round, and our proximity to neighborhood parks encourages children to spend time outdoors, exploring the wonders of the city! You never see an AKA Teacher sitting still in a toddler room!

Creative Expression Time:
Music, Art, Sensory

Creativity is instinctual for toddlers, their imaginations are limitless.  The AKA environment is full of choices and numerous experiences that help your child develop into a well-rounded and sophisticated individual. Creative Expression time allows your child to explore with Music, Sensory and Art.  Self expression helps chicago toddlers create an understanding of self and their surroundings. Many messy fun activities are planned so that toddlers can express themselves and their unique  personalities.  Crayons, paint, markers or even shaving cream are among the materials toddlers use frequently!  Your toddler can feel comfortable expressing themself through dance, art or tactile exploration!

Parent Connections:
Building strong families

Creating a community and building strong relationships with and among families is extremely important at American KidZ Academy. Our AKA

Elite Curriculum is designed to support this important partnership. Each week toddler teachers plan opportunities to link your child’s learning at school to their experiences and learning at home.